American Girl Dress Pattern

15 09 2009

I just wrote my first pattern. It’s for a dress for an American Girl doll (or any other 18 inch doll) and if I may say so myself, it’s pretty adorable! It was made for my cousin Natalie’s seventh birthday and she loved it. Here’s the pattern (the whole thing is knit in stockinette):


Cast on 44 st.

Work 6 rows in patt st (stockinette :D)

BO 24 st and knit to the last 2 st. BO those 2 st.

Knit 7 rows patt st and dec twice on every other row.

On next row, k3, bo until last 3 st, & k3 st.

Work last 3 st for 27 rows.


Reattatch yarn to the other 3 st and work in patt st for 27 rows.




Sew the straps to the back of the dress. Sew the other two edges together. Then, sew on a piece of fabric whatever size you like, gathering it so it is 11 inches around at the top. Then sew it together!


Yay!! I’ll post pictures later! Well… Tata for now!!