2 04 2009

Welcome to my blog!
Well before you actually start reading, you’ll probably want to know a little bit about me. Soo.. Here goes! I’m Kayla and right now I am 13 years old (but I’ll be 14 next month!!) I have one little brother (Chris, 11) and 6 cousins that also live with me ( Peyton Piper & Bailey, 14, Brent & Brooke, 8, and Natalie, 6) I also have 4 pets, Ezra, Pete, and Chip (cats) and Stripe (doggie!)
You probably also would like to know what to expect from this blog.. I would too! I don’t know exactly how this blog will end up, but it will be knitting related for sure!!
Okay so that was probably really boring ( I’m Sorry!!! ) so now I’m gonna talk about KNITTING!!! Right now, my friend Katherine (mah knittin buddyy) and I are working on writing patterns and possibly making a book out of them!! =D (Can you tell I’m excited??) I get to design a pattern for a.. FELTED JACKET!!! You’re probably sitting at home reading this and wondering why this is such a big deal to me. “Oh, a felted coat! Isn’t that just…. COMPLETELY STUPID!?!?” Well, not for an insane 13 year old girl like me!!
Well, I guess that’s all.. Tata for now!!




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